Our philosophy is informed by the integration of our client's objectives and financial plans with our team's skills, care, diligence and professionalism as an independent Broker-Dealer.

We are Client Focused. Our design, implementation, and maintenance of our client's diversified portfolio is consistent with their financial goals and current needs. 

We are Sound and Experienced Decision Makers. The average length of experience of our team members is over twenty years. This experience guides our approach, philosophy and capabilities in carrying out the goals and objectives of our clients. Our team’s lengthy experience provides a long-term historical perspective that allows for sound decisions. While past performance does not predict future results, we know prudence, discipline and appropriate diversification manage risk and optimize long term investment performance.

We are focused on the long term achievement of financial goals balanced with our client's short term needs. We understand that an investment portfolio is built to serve the needs of our clients. We focus on their objectives when constructing portfolios. We determine the appropriate allocation of asset classes with consideration of the client's time horizon, risk tolerance and goals in mind. We regard our independence as a Broker-Dealer a benefit to those we serve, as a principle in avoiding conflicts of interest.

We act with prudence and discipline through open communication and transparency.


Florida Atlantic Securities Corp. does not rely on proprietary products. We focus on securities that meet specific client needs.


We assist those we serve in consideration of their set of circumstances, in making decisions that positively impact their future.


Equity is also defined as fair and impartial. Equity includes balance and objectivity. Our team values equity at all levels.